Clarksville Masonic Lodge # 668

Welcome to our website, here we have information about our lodge and general information about masonry. Please take a look around and reach out if you have any questions.

What is Masonry?

Masons believe in independence, liberty, freedom and constitutional rights for all, and oppose special privileges for a few! As a way of lige, Masonry may be explained as follows:
In the home it is kindness.
In the business it is honesty.
In society it is courtesy.
In work it is fairness.
Toward the unfortunate it is pity.
Toward the wicked it is resistance.
Toward the weak it is help.
Toward the strong it is trust.
Toward the penitent it is forgiveness.
Toward the fortunate it is congratulations.
Toward God it is reverence and love.

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